By Bo Durban
January 19, 2023

How it started : Trans Am #2 on day one of filming vs How it's going : Trans Am #2 four weeks later

This was the first Trans Am to receive major damage. On 9/4/1976, while filming the night chase/hide behind the building scene in McDonough, this Trans Am slid sideways into a median and destroyed the suspension and both right hand wheels.

At this point it appears the crew picked up a 1976 Limited Edition Trans Am (#4) and converted it into a 1977 and added stunt features like a roll bar, fuel cell and racing seat belts. Eventually acquiring the left hand snowflake wheels from car #2. (NOTE: the 1977 Trans Am was not released yet so replacement parts were not readily available)

After some repairs, car #2 was put back into action as an insert car. It was used for close up scenes with both Sally Field and Burt Reynolds behind the wheel. You can identify car #2's interior by the lose thread on the driver's seat (see pic below).

Thanks to Doug Walker for being on location and sharing his story about the day this Trans Am was damaged.

Thanks to Nikolas Worden for helping to identify the unique features of this Trans Am.