By Bo Durban
February 6, 2023

This behind the scenes picture is very interesting. The filming crew is setting up to film the "Rocking Chair" sequence. The semis are in the exact same order as the rocking chair and there is a gap where the Trans Am hides.

The location is GA 400 at Hwy 20 in Cumming, GA. The camera is facing north. At this point in time, GA 400 was still under construction and GA 400 was closed north of Hwy 20. That is why you see the "Road Closed" signs and you are forced to exit onto Hwy 20.

The entire sequence was filmed between this exit and the next exit south which is Hwy 141.

Google Maps:

What I find interesting is all the cop cars in this picture. To film this scene/sequence they only needed 1 Alabama trooper car. Here they have multiple cop cars including Georgia patrol cars.

I know they filmed the motorcycle chase with GA highway patrol cars at the 141 hwy exit, but I am pretty sure it was on a different day. I only see one Snowman truck in this picture. For the "rocking chair" they used the 1974 truck and for the motorcycle cop scene they used the 1973 truck. And the 1973 truck has a dent in the RH fuel tank, so we know the motorcycle scene was filmed after the fairgrounds. As the dent occurred at the fair grounds.

Oh well, more details to work out to get the timing right...

I do know they used 3 Trans Ams:

Car #1 - Hero Car - All exterior shots. You can recognize it by the small dent in the driver's door. It does fine for the rocking chair but it gets nearly destroyed filming the Georgia chase sequence. Frame bent, wheel spoiler knocked off, etc...

Car #2 - Insert car - All front interior shots with Burt and Sally faces. You can recognize this car by the lose thread on the driver's seat.

Car #3 - Insert car - All rear interior shots. Where you see the camera aimed through the rear window. Alan Gibbs is driving and Sally Field is in the passenger seat. You can recognize this car because it is the only one that had it's rear window removed.

Car #4 is out of commission at this point. It was severely damaged doing the football field jump and is getting modified to make the bridge jump.