by Bo Durban
April 11, 2023

During my research of the Trans Am, I discovered a detail that proved useful for both my own restoration project and for identifying the various cars used in movies. It seems that when the "TRANS AM" fender decal was applied to the front fender, there was no consistent method of installation.

This inconsistency provides a way to distinguish between different Trans Ams, making it possible to accurately count and identify the cars used in the movie. By examining the placement of the fender decal, one can gather valuable information about a car's role in the film production.

This newfound knowledge has practical applications for Trans Am restoration projects, as well as contributing to the broader understanding of movie car usage and identification.

To further illustrate this point, here are some screen shots of the Trans Ams with their unique decal placements:

Trans Am - Car #1 (Hero Car)

Trans Am - Car #2 (Hero Car / Insert Car)

Trans Am - Car #3 (Insert Car / Hero Car)

Trans Am - Car #4 (Stunt Car)