On DAY 1 of the Filming Schedule, the Runaway Bride scenes were filmed.1 This includes when Bandit picks up Carrie and the driving scenes when Carrie has the wedding dress on.

Burt and Sally on DAY 1 of filming

The pickup scene was filmed on Mundys Mill Road in Jonesboro, GA. Google Street View The stunt where the Trans Am slides to a stop in front of Carrie was performed by stunt doubles; Alan Gibbs and Janet Brady. The Trans Am used here for exterior shots we refer to as Trans Am #2. As Burt is driving this car away we can see it chirps second gear and the rear sway bar raises and drops when it shifts into 2nd gear. This leads many to believe that this car has a manual transmission, a 4-speed. The road that you see the brown van emerge leads to a clearing in front of Mundys Mill. That is where the filming crew was setup. It explains why so many scenes were filmed in this general area. It was too convenient.

Bandit slides to a stop in front of a lady in a wedding dress

The Trans Am interior shots where Carrie has on the wedding dress were filmed driving up and down Hwy 54 between Jonesboro and Fayetteville. The Trans Am used for these interior shots we refer to as Trans Am #3. This car had extra rigging used for mounting camera equipment. Also known as an "insert car".

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Press Release Photo - Bandit (Burt Reynolds) is asstonished by what he finds on the side of the road.

  1. Based on video of Sally field with clapper board dated 8/30/76