By Bo Durban
February 11, 2023

"Whoa. Hold it. I just passed another Kojak with a Kodak. This place is crawling with bears. Where the hell are you?"


This is one of the few views we get inside the 1973 Kenworth. Most of the interior shots are of the 1974. Note that while they are filming in Georgia they are using a PACE CB-166 radio. When this truck arrives back in California it has a PACE CB145 installed. Both CBs are topped with a PACE 10-4U scanner.

Group member David Eichelbaum was able to match up the truck used in these scenes based on several details. Including the clips on the front edge of the hood where a wind screen used to be installed.

1973 Kenworth - On Location In Georgia. Sep, 1976

Same as above, just zoomed in

1973 Kenworth - On Location In California. Dec, 1976

Comparison: CB-166 (top) vs CB145 (bottom)