46th Anniversary of Filming Day #28

"I don't think Fred bit you, mister. Fred absolutely don't like grease."

Next on the schedule, Snowman needs to pull off, suck up a little go-go juice and put some groceries down his neck.

We are filming at Grady Lamar's Sportsmen's Club in McDonough, GA. Grady Lamar plays himself. We also bump into "Sugar Bear" played by Lamar Jackson. The stunt crew is here as extras and for the fight scene.

Fred the dog was played by "Happy". Happy's owner is one of the bikers in this scene. I believe that was part of the deal when his dog was chosen in the "Ugly Dog Contest" back on August 29, that the owner would get a bit part in the movie.


Snowman pulls up in the FWA truck, identified by its air cleaners with silver top and bottom. Most of the time we see Jerry Reed in the other truck, with the EBA style filters.

I finally bought one of these Pace CB 76 counter top CB radios. I was holding out for one with the correct microphone.

A few recognizable people in this scene...

The motorcycles were held down by cables and railroad spikes to make sure they didn't get caught up underneath the truck.

If you find yourself in McDonough, GA, you can see the old building they filmed at. It is located at 336 Macon St, McDonough, GA

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"Far Out"

Here is a great article written by Jeff Reeves who was there for this day of filming and shares some great stories: Smokey and the Bandit and Billy Ray Bell

Lamar Jackson (Sugar Bear) was a long time friend of Burt Reynolds and either bought or was gifted the 1978 Y84 Trans Am that Pontiac gave to Burt. Here is an article about that Trans Am: Readers' Ride: Bandit's personal Trans Am. Seriously. As of today, the car is hanging out in National Parts Depot's showroom in Canton, MI.