There were over 40 scenes that were either heavily edited or removed from Smokey and the Bandit between the original screenplay dated July 30, 1976 and the start of filming on August 30, 1976. Some of these scenes were purged as part of the normal editing process. Others were removed because of the last minute budget cuts to the movie.

This page is meant to document the differences between the original screenplay, the interim screenplays and the final movie.

Character Cross Reference

Some of the characters changed names between scripts. Use this as a cross reference when reviewing the original screenplay:

Movie Original Screenplay
Bandit / Bo Darville Bandit I / Bandit LaRue
Frog / Carrie Kate McConnell
Snowman / Cledus Snow Bandit II / Cledus Snow
Sheriff Buford T. Justice Sheriff Buell Clayton
Big and Little Enos Burdett Kyle and Dickey Brand
Trans Am Cobra II Mustang