On Day 5 of the Filming Schedule, September 3, 1976, we film our first major stunt; the Arkansas Highway Patrol crashing into the pond. It is interesting that they filmed the car crashing into the pond today, however they used this same car in other scenes later.

Arkansas Highway Patrol Crashes Into Pond

Call Sheet

Thanks to Tyler Hambrick, Smokey And The Bandit Historian, we have the call sheet from this day of filming. This original document provides valuable insight as to what the plans were for the day.

Sep 3 Call Sheet

A call sheet is a document sent out to the cast and crew that outlines where they need to be for the following shoot day. It also outlines the daily shooting schedule for the day, informs the cast and crew of weather conditions, regulations, and all other pertinent details. From a historical perspective, it doesn't necessarily tell us what was filmed that day only what they planned to film that day.

First we get a break down of the scenes. We will cover that in detail in the next section. "Day or Night" where "D" is for day time filming. "Pages" represents the fractional number of pages those scenes represent. Usually in 1/8 page increments. "Cast" represents the characters that will be required for filming. The numbers are detailed in the next section: 1 = Bandit, 2 = Carrie, 3 = Cledus, Dbl = Stunt doubles will be used.

The next section is the required cast. The "W/N" net to Burt and Sally means that they "Wont be Needed" today. There is a list of stunt cast that are required as well as 5 extras will be needed. The call sheet includes the time(s) they need to leave the hotel and the times they are expected to arrive on set.

Note that is says "Linda McClure - Travel Home". Linda played the part of Wynette, Snowman's wife, yesterday. However, based on interviews with Linda we know that Hal invited her to stay for a few more days so she did. In future write ups we will breakdown those interviews with Linda.

The next sections define the other staff that are required on set as well as other equipment needed for filming. What I find interesting are the following items:

  • 1 Ark HP car
  • 2 Ark Sheri ff's cars
  • 1 camera platform float
  • 2 motor boats
  • 1 row boat

The last section gives us a clue about what is planned the next day via Advanced Schedule:

  • EXT. INT WAREHOUSE - 38-43
  • EXT. TOWN SQUARE - 35E (night)


59 - Arkansas Highway Patrol - Pissing

This is the daytime scene where Carrie notices a police officer on the side of the road "taking a leak" Bandit corrects her "he is taking a 10-100". "Well it is better than 10-200". Those 2 famous lines were ad-libbed but are just a point of reference as the only part of that scene filmed today was the exterior shot of the officer on the side of the road as the Trans Am passes by.

61 - Arkansas Highway Patrol In Rear View Mirror

When Bandit turns around he sees the highway patrol through the back window. This scene was filmed in the exact same location as the four wheel drift from 2 days ago, however, now the patrol car is a Pontiac LeMans instead of the Plymouth Fury

67 - Dirt Road - Day

This is where we are looking through the windshield of the patrol car driving into a cloud of dust. For a filming trick, we know the dust was generated by the Trans Am because if you look real close over the the right you can see the Trans Am ducked behind a tree after kicking up the dust required for this scene (see red circle)

70 - Highway Patrol Misses Turn

This is the scene where the Trans Am slides past the camera on the dirt road followed by the patrol car. There is a very cool behind the scenes picture of this stunt below. As the patrol car slides past the camera and it pans we can see that this was filmed in front of Mundys Mill.

71 - Car Splashes Into Pond

The car is jumped backwards into the pond using a ramp built earlier. Stunt man Jophery Brown provides antics by posing as a fisherman that jumps into the pond as the car makes the jump.

Other scenes

The other scenes listed on the callsheet were:

  • 109 - Closeup Speedometer
  • 114(pt) - Bandit swerves off the highway
  • 117 - Inside Bandit 1 - Moving

I don't have information or confirmation that these scenes were filmed today. I will update this site as more information becomes available.

Behind The Scenes

There are several interesting photographs taken during todays filming. Here are all the ones I could find with a caption for each...

Hal Needham provides direction via walkie talkie as the Trans Am slides past the cameras

The LeMans is driving past the sound guy

Inspecting the ramp before the jump

In this wide shot we can see the motorboat and the floating platform eluded to in the call sheet

Large crowd of people on set to watch the gag

Pulling the car out of the pond

Newspaper Article

Hal Needham did an interview in May, 1977 where he talked about having to pull this car from the pond so they could use it again.1

They almost did when one needed car had been ditched in water and the transportation crew said they wouldn't be able to get a tow truck for 45 minutes to pull it out. Needham led his trusty stunt band into the pond and they headed the vehicle out so a mechanic could dry its wiring and get it rolling again.