On Day 6 of the Filming Schedule, day time, September 4, 1976 the Coors Warehouse scenes were filmed. In the movie this was set up to represent Texarkana, TX, but in reality it was in downtown Jonesboro, GA. Just a couple of blocks away from where we filmed Snowman's House 2 days ago.


Filming started early in the morning. Just as the scene was supposed to represent. The Trans Am used for this scene we refer to as Trans Am #1. This was the same Trans Am that was used at Snowman's House. Now we see an extra detail about it; one of its high beam headlights is out.

Jonesboro as Texarkana, TX. Trans Am has a headlamp out.

When Burt stops the car in front of Wayne's Department Store there is a "News / Daily" paper box out front. Coincidentally the front page has the September 3, 1976 issue where the front page contains the photograph of Burt and Caye taken 2 days earlier at Caye's house. I also like the "Happy Birthday America" banner. Keep in mind the year is 1976 and most of America is celebrating the Bi-Centennial most of the year.

Waye's Department Store

The warehouse was dressed up to look like a Coors beer distribution center. In reality the building was Arrowhead Alternator. All the Coors signs and banners were added. One of my favorite additions is the "Smokey Bear" poster on the front door of the warehouse. I assume it was a clever reference to the "Smokey" in the title of the movie.

Smokey Bear poster

Of the 2 trailers used in the movie, this side and trailer has the most detail. The shadows and accents are the most life like.

Side Of The Trailer

When researching the history of the trailers, the bingo plate on the back door provides a major clue. The stickers on this trailer indicate that it came from out west. Later we will see that the 2nd trailer even has California license plates on it.

Bingo Plate On Rear Door

Next, we are heading to McDonough, GA for night time filming at the Town Square

Behind The Scenes

There were several photographers there that day. We were able to get a glimpse of the activity happening behind the scenes.

Early start at Arrowhwad Alternator

Alan Gibbs - Stunt Coordinator and Burt's double

Lots of activity

Trans Am #3 hanging out on a side street

Trans Am #1 parked across the street

I can drive any forkin' thing around

Current Condition

The Train Station with the Texarkana sign on it during the movie is the old train station. Today it is a Gone With The Wind museum.

Google Street View 100 S Main Street, Jonesboro, GA

Train Station is a Gone With The Wind Museum

The warehouse was closed in and turned into the Art Clayton Gallery.

If you go inside you can see the original wall with outlines of where the original walk in doors and large door where the forklift drove into.