Richard Reiner and Grady Lamar watch Snowman drive away.

by Bo Durban


While Snowman was dining at the "eat 'em up joint", a gas station attendant, Cledus referred to as "Billy," filled up his rig. It was hard not to notice the unique cap the attendant was wearing, with the bold and mysterious "PERNALDI" logo emblazoned on it.

Interestingly, this name appeared to be fictitious and was used in an episode of the popular TV series "It Takes A Thief," starring Robert Wagner. The specific episode, titled "The Steal-Driving Man," first aired in January 1970 and featured Edward Binns donning the same cap. It would be intriguing to uncover the story behind how he came to possess it.

Although much of the banter in Smokey and the Bandit was ad-libbed, the iconic line "Far Out!" was actually included in the final version of the script. This scene was filmed on 10/4/76 and is one of the more memorable moments in the film as Snowman drives off after running over the motorcycles.

  • Richie Reiner - Attendant
  • Grady Lamar - Owner - Lamar's Sportsmen's Club Inc