by Bo Durban - 05/11/2023

Bandit and Carrie make a pit stop

Day 10 of filming.

On Saturday, Sep 18, 1976 filming moved to the Union 76 truck stop located at the intersection of I-85 and Pleasant Hill Road in Duluth, GA. Just north of Atlanta.

Filming lasted all day and was one of the few times Burt Reynolds and Jackie Gleason were required to be on the same set for filming.


Scenes 199 thru 209 were filmed. These scenes consisted of 4 pages from the final screenplay.

The following scenes were filmed on this day at the truck stop:

  • 199 - UNION 76 STATION
  • 200 - BANDIT I
  • 206 - CLOSE - JUSTICE
  • 207 - BACK TO SCENE
  • 208 - CLOSE - ON JUSTICE

The following scenes were filmed on the entrance ramp of I-85 just a few hundred feet from the truck stop:


Note: Scenes 202 and 203 were omitted from the final screenplay as the content was merged with scene 206 and 207. Scenes 208 and 209 switched order in the final film.

Tenative One Line Schedule from 8/17/1976 (courtesy of Tyler Hambrick)

Written schedule from 8/20/1976 (courtesy of Tyler Hambrick)

  • Final Screenplay - page 65
  • Final Screenplay - page 66
  • Final Screenplay - page 67
  • Final Screenplay - page 68
  • Final Screenplay - page 69

Behind The Scenes

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  • Trans Am (Car #1) with camera crane in the background
  • Discussing the next take
  • Jackie Gleason, never underdressed, with his signature red carnation
  • Sally Field signing autographs

Then v Now

Unfortunately the truck stop was torn down in the early 90s. It was replaced with a Best Buy a couple of years later.

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  • Pulling into the truck stop
  • Best Buy parking lot, September, 2022
  • I-85 North Bound Entrance Ramp
  • I-85 North Bound Entrance Ramp @ Exit 105
  • I-85 North Bound Entrance Ramp
  • I-85 North Bound Entrance Ramp @ Exit 105
  • Aerial photo from 1978 with filming positions
  • Google Maps 2023

Sheriff Justice and Junior with tower in background

Aerial representation, 2022

Google Maps

Special Considerations


It appears highly probable that these scenes were shot on the same day due to the close proximity of the two filming locations. Notably, the length and direction of the shadows cast by the I-85 entrance ramp strongly suggest a filming time around 1 pm. Additionally, the Trans Am (Car #1) featured in the entrance ramp scene seems to be the same one used at the truck stop. Considering the logistical challenges of relocating the car during filming, it seems unlikely that they would interrupt the truck stop shoot to capture this particular scene. It is plausible that scene 209 was filmed after Bandit pays the attendant.

Using the angle and length of shadows we can determine the approx filming times for other scenes:

  • 09:15 am - Trans Am pulls up to gas pump
  • 10:30 am - Bandit talks to attendant while sitting on hood
  • 11:15 am - Bandit talks to Sheriff on CB radio
  • 01:15 pm - Bandit pays attendant
  • 03:30 pm - Close up of Sheriff Justice on CB radio
  • 05:45 pm - Junior on hood of car

Source: SunCalc

Sister Truck Stop

Even though the original truck stop is gone, there is a near identical truck stop approx 91 miles south on I-85. If you are in the area, it is worth stopping by. You never know what you might see...

Exxon truck stop - sister to the original Union 76 filming location

Google Street View

Google directions between truck stop locations