Smokey And The Bandit video quality comparison...

different ways of enjoying our favorite movie

Here is a video comparison of the different ways of enjoying our favorite movie. I paused on the same frame in 4 different videos and took a picture with my 12MP phone camera from about 3 feet away from the screen. The 4 versions are:

- 4K Ultra HD disc player
- 4K Movies Anywhere streaming service (code included with above)
- Blue Ray disc player (disc included with above)
- Amazon Prime streaming service

My camera is not the greatest. I am shopping for a new one, however all 4 pictures were taken with the same camera. You can see the pixel quality of the movie in each picture...the color and lighting look way better in real life compared to my camera.

So far I have been very happy with the 4K Ultra HD. With a bucket of hot popcorn it really feels like you are at the theatre. I got goose bumps watching the opening sequence for the first time...again.

(I added a YouTube @ 480p screen shot for comparison of the good old days.)

Jan. 12, 2022

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