"Are we really going 110? We're going 110!"

details of this dash...

Most people have noticed from the b-roll shot below that Carrie is referring to KMH and not MPH. Of course the original script writer may not have been aware of the limitation of the speedometer and this was the 2nd unit director's workaround to get the shot.

However, what I am interested in is the other details of this dash...

1) The tachometer is 8,000 rpm. My understanding is that the Trans Am went to the 6,000 rpm tach in 1977.
2) The dash color looks a little off. It is hard to tell if it is silver or gold. But since it has the black bead trim I will assume it is a gold bezel with bad lighting.

Based on these 2 details: Gold dash+8,000 RPM tach, is it fair to assume that we are looking at a dash for a 1976 Limited Edition Trans Am? We can also see it has the Air Conditioning option.

Keep in mind that because this is a b-roll shot, this could have been filmed at anytime. With or without the actors and with or without one of the cars used in main production. It does have only 1,109 miles on the odometer, so this shot would have been filmed early in this car's life.

In my search to determine exactly how many cars were used to film SATB, this is very interesting!

Jan. 9, 2022

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