"THE BANDIT IS HERE!"...advertisement from August, 1977.

Note the movie came out May 27, 1977

It is interesting they put the VIN in the ad. It is not like a potential buyer could do much with it back then without the internet...


2W87 - Trans Am
K - 403ci 185hp Oldsmobile engine
7 - 1977 model year
N - Norwood, Ohio assembly plant
243620 - Sequential unit number (starting at 100001)

1977 prices based on options listed:
$5,456 - Base price Trans Am
$478 - Air Conditioning
$108 - Power Windows
$57 - Tilt wheel
Auto, PS, PB were standard equipment
$221 - Destination charge (shipping)

That would be $6,320

At $6,388, I doubt it was a Special Edition. Or even a T-Top car... The Special Edition package with t-tops would have added $1,143

To fill out the remaining $68 was probabaly the power lock option.

Jan. 7, 2022

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