I noticed something interesting in this scene.

All of the cars in this gas station have California license plates.

also noticed that in the window of the gas station is painted "Season's Greetings" with holly leaves.

This seems very significant for the following reasons...

  • All main filming was done in Georgia starting in August, 1976

  • Rumor has it all movie cars were destroyed during production

  • This scene was filmed 3-4 months after main filming ended. Likely December, 1976...In California

  • Is this one of the Georgia movie cars? They could have picked up a new SE car, since they would have been available by then (please fact check me). However, there are details/flaws I see on this car that are also on the Georgia filming cars. (I will do another post)

  • This car may have survived production and may still be around. Is that just wishful thinking?

Jan. 5, 2022

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